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Myths about Dedicated Hosting

Myths about Dedicated Hosting

Growing businesses walk on a tricky pathway between not contributing enough to run effectively and sinking an excessive amount of capital into overheads – regardless of whether that is representatives, office space or their site. Getting your business a reputation in the online market is pretty easy with websites. But, just getting a website won’t do all good. You will also need to host it. Now a question arises: what is hosting?

Web Hosting is a service that allows you to host the website on the internet. There are mainly 3 types of hosting

*Shared Hosting: Your website will be hosted on a server shared with other websites.

*Dedicated Hosting: You will be renting a physical server solely for your website.

*VPS: It is both shared as well as dedicated hosting it is the best mimics or impressionist is a dedicated server hosting within a shared web hosting environments".

If you ever find yourself and your IT team stuck between the dubious act of opting or not opting dedicated server hosting then you have landed at the correct location. In this article, we will explain to you myths about dedicated server hosting that are prevailing in the society.

Myth1: Expensive

Earlier, dedicated servers came at a high price. But now they come at a pocket fitting price of a normal website proprietor. At Softech Bharat there is an option for a monthly subscription which will be even more pocket-friendly. You get what you pay for, so don't save every possible dollar if your hosting service is supporting the future benefit and supportability of your business.

Myth 2: You need to be a tech support

Indeed, fundamental knowledge on servers does no mischief, however, with a hosted solution, you won't be liable for updating the hardware. Furthermore, various degrees of support are accessible – from basic monitoring straight up to OS upkeep, updates and security patches. You'll likewise have a far-reaching, practically rich control panel to help you work effectively and utilize your administration without requiring a foundation in IT.

Myth 3: Fake uptime promise

There's no point driving a large number of guests to your site just for them to be welcomed with an error code, and you'll have the option to guarantee credits if your site is down longer than the host's feature uptime ensure. Think about this: with 98% uptime, your site can be down for practically 30 minutes every day or a little more than 7 days per year before the assurance kicks in, though, at 99.9%, that limit drops to 1 minute 44 seconds per day or simply 8.8 hours out of every year.

Myth 4: Minimal Support

If you cut corners with free web hosting providers, you will be without anyone else when inconveniences crop up. The most legitimate providers offer technical assistance on priority to dedicated server customers because of the criticality of their applications, regularly with a decision between telephone, live visit, and email. Others are offered the facility to submit a ticket through the control panel and get a response within an ensured SLA.

Myth 5: Server specs don’t make a difference

The right spec can mean the divergence between a guest dropping off your site in the initial ten seconds or investing a sizeable lump of energy and, ultimately, money. That implies finding the right balance of RAM, storage, and bandwidth to meet your foreseen needs. Get your work done to ensure you know precisely what you're getting from your arrangement.

Myth 6: Not Secure

If a shared hosting server is miss configured, there's an opportunity your information may fall under the control of different clients. A dedicated server gives you sole administrative access, so your information stays private. Your supplier ought to likewise utilize extraordinary safety efforts to shield you from prominent trespassers, spammers, programmers, and different malignant movement.

Myth 7: It is same as VPS

No. With a VPS, the server's resources are split between various websites or hosting accounts. Plans may accompany unlimited bandwidth and storage, however, there might be no guarantee with regards to computing power and memory, so you could wind up confined from installing and running CPU-or memory-concentrated modules or software, which could eventually smother your development.

Myth 8: Every host is the same

Quality and service differ on a large scale so extensive research is required. it’s insufficient ineffective to analyze hardware and cost alone. There's no point having a dedicated server that is inaccessible now and again due to overselling or poor infrastructure, or if a decent arrangement is financed by understaffed help. Try not to depend too vigorously on reviews sites, either – pretty much every hosting provider is probably going to have the odd negative rating, so that shouldn't be your sole purpose behind limiting a potential accomplice.

Don’t waste your time and resources by falling into the trap of myths. Do proper research and find a suitable hosting package from a reputed provider that will best suit the nature of your business and its requirements. In case of any queries reach out to us support@softechbharat.com or you can even subscribe to our newsletters and stay updated.

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