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A Life Lesson Fail

A Life Lesson Fail

Do not be alarmed by the assertion that a failure can be an essential part of your learning and success; in fact it can be an even painful step towards a change in your life, a revolutionary or truly innovative and definitive solution.

Success can intoxicate, glamorize, fill up friends, bring happiness and money or make an instant celebrity and can likewise teach you nothing. With failure, often the feeling is different with the remoteness of all, the humiliation, the sadness, the ridicule, the lack of money, even the moral lynching and on the other hand, can teach you a lot and everything you need to know every time here Softech Bharat.

Just face reality and facts! This is the great difference between the two things (success and failure) that approach this text that seeks to demystify what is thought about it. It seems obvious, but not! Do you know why? If you ask anyone what they prefer: Succeed or Fail. The answer is already known! But what's the correct answer? I believe it is: Knowing how to balance things, make the most of it, be happy, that nothing is forever, and have an exact notion of your moment (good or bad) and how to maintain and conquer every stage of life.

Nowadays, everyone wants to be a Superhero, they don't want to show weakness or have humility, not to be swallowed or belittled. That's what I call "Bull Shit" and it's a big mistake. Knowing how to balance life, be honest, have emotion, share victories, grasp with defeats, receive opinions and criticism, be resilient, accept help and be open to partnerships, in my opinion, are fundamental characteristics to conquer or regain space in the market and you must be asking, “John, should we fail to succeed?" Not necessarily! But failure in many cases is not as bad as it sounds!! Of course, no one likes to lose, to be defeated or to do something wrong. If the "stereotypical failure" has to happen, let it be a learning experience for the next business, for its history and why not, as an example for the younger ones. There's no point blaming the world! It is also not a reversal of things and values, where we should celebrate our victories and achievements rather than extol defeats and failures.

The important thing is to take advantage of some form of failure, even if it's just to understand what worked and what didn't. The truth is that like it or not, you must understand the error, embrace failure and face defeat. Not angrily or perversely, but enthusiastically looking "out of the box" with a proactive and vibrant stance for problem solving. Because, life will always put up barriers that can be jumped, just be aware of it and prepare for it!

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